Recent Purchases: Lifestyle Edition

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Every now and then, I buy things that aren't make-up or skincare related - shocking, right?! I'm not really the biggest fan of clothes shopping, so when I'm not scouring the aisles of my local Boots and House of Fraser I'm most likely looking at pretty decorative homeware, bags, books or candles. I think I've picked up some nice bits over the past few weeks (with some absolute bargains in the mix!), so I thought I'd share my findings with you guys. 

One of my favourite recent purchases is my new bag, which I picked up in Primark for a steal at £12. I've been on the lookout for the perfect brown bag lately and this structured tote ticks all the boxes. It's simple, stylish and about a third of the price that you'd pay anywhere else on the high street. Primark, you did good! Moving on, I popped into Wilkinson's recently and picked up an artificial bunch of daisies for £2.50. I've had an empty vintage style bottle lying around for a while that was just too pretty to throw away, and now that it has been suitably spruced up with the flowers it makes a very pretty DIY jewellery holder for some of my earrings and bracelets. Pictured with the flowers is my new BRÄDA Laptop Support from Ikea. It is, in a word, brilliant. I can now sit comfortably in bed or on the sofa with my MacBook propped up sturdily in front of me - genius! The two books came from HMV, and were in the sale for between 49p and £1.99 each. I can't resist books at the best of times, and with these being cheaper than most magazines these days they were purchased pretty swiftly. Finally, I bought four candles. Three came from Home Sense - two by Pecksniffs and one by Rodial. Rodial are well known for their luxury, cult skincare and when I saw that their candle in "Lounge" was £6 (originally £45!) I just had to try it. I bought the Pecksniffs candles for their amazing, authentic scents - I have "Cut Grass" and "Morning Coffee" (both around £5) and they smell exactly as you'd hope. I've had the former burning for most of the past week and it's been keeping the summery mood going in our flat even during the dreary rainy days. Lastly is a gorgeous honey scented offering which I bought from Ikea, along with the pretty glass holder - both of which came in together at around the £5 mark. 

What do you think of my little haul? Have you bought anything amazing recently?


  1. so much pretty stuff , especially the bag :)
    oh and hi i am the new follower :)
    recently i havent got much cause of exams but today i am planning to go out and change this :)


  2. I adore Charles Bukowski, great choice! Also, I too am a candle addict. They just add a little something to the atmosphere of a room ! Great post

  3. Great post such cool and pretty things, I might have to purchase those fake daisies and I've recently picked up the book Filth from HMV too, I can't wait to read it xx

  4. Oh wow that laptop support sounds like such a good idea :D my laptop gets so hot on my lap, this would be a perfect solution xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  5. Love this post! I'm addicted to candles but can't always afford the expensive ones... so these sound perfect. I will definitely be getting the "morning coffee" as coffee is also another addiction of mine :-) p.s I'm going to the ikea website as we speak to order the laptop supporter xx

  6. great choice of books! i can't believe you got them so cheap, irvine welsh is one of my favourite writers and although filth is definitely not for the faint-hearted it's one of his best books in my opinion! and bukowski is a great writer as well, if you haven't already you should check out some of his poetry too, it's fantastic!

    little henry lee

  7. Gorgeous photos and lovely new purchases! <3

    x Jacquelyn
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  8. That bag is gorgeous, you really can't go wrong with a good old Primark bag!
    Will definitely have to get myself down to HMV and have a look for some new books, can't believe how cheap those ones were! x

  9. Those are some pretty good bargains!

    Lucy x

  10. Nice photos! I love posts like this :)

    Life's A Beach

  11. Wow the Rodial candle is such a good buy! And the books! I really need to do more bargain hunting! xx

    Heels forever


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