Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-on

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I picked this up on a whim a while back during a late night trip to the supermarket. I am instantly pulled in by products with words like "caffeine" in the title, and this promised to refresh and hydrate tired looking skin while helping to reduce the appearance of bags. Sounds great, right? 

First, the good. This stuff feels really lovely on application. The metal rollerball has an instant cooling effect on the eye which is wonderfully refreshing, especially first thing on a morning and on late nights. During my last weeks of University this stuff didn't leave my desk, and along with copious amounts of coffee, it managed to make me feel a little more alive at 2am when I was frantically writing essays that were due the following day (definitely NOT recommended!). It can also be kept in the fridge for an even cooler sensation - perfect for those mornings when you need perking up quickly.

Unfortunately, that's about it. I haven't noticed any difference to my eye area since using this. Admittedly, I don't particularly suffer from puffiness but I was hoping to see a little improvement in terms of hydration and brightness around my eyes. Like I said, the application is lovely and for that reason I'll probably continue to use this occasionally, but if you're looking for visible results then you'll most likely be disappointed. 


  1. Such a shame as i've been thinking about picking this up for a while.

    Jazzie x

  2. I used this when I was in college! I never really noticed a difference either but it did feel really refreshing to use :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  3. Oh, it's such a shame this doesn't do much. I've seen a lot of people write about using this but there's never any mention of its effectiveness. It's packaging is pretty nice though.

    I really like this photograph.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  4. I have this and I agree, I like it. It feels nice but doesn't really visibly do anything that I can tell x

  5. Thanks for reviewing this, I was seriously about to buy it but if you say its no good then well :(

    Roses are bluee ♡

  6. Its a shame there was no difference, iv been meaning to try this but was judgmental on the actual effects glad i didnt now from your review xx


  7. Aww, I'm sorry you were less than impressed. I guess it does a good job at concealing, but we can't expect the world really! great review! xx

  8. I have this too, and I wasn't very impressed either - it's just pointless xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Origins has a rollerball under eye product that is supposed to be amazing. You should look on their website! And people actually notice a difference. Sorry it didn't work out for you :(

    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  10. It's a shame that it doesn't have long-lasting effects as it otherwise sounds like a promising product. Although, what you said about late nights at uni is slightly tempting me, I'm one of those who leaves everything until the last minute :)

  11. that's a shame it didn't seem to work for you. i've never tried it but i really do need to start investing in something for under-eye bags, since i'm not going to start getting more sleep anytime soon, haha.

    little henry lee

  12. i used to use this all the time its a good product x

  13. I'm not sure if yours if the tinted one or not but I like the tinted one because it's cooling as you said but it also adds a small amount of coverage xxx
    Life of Verity


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