L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines Intense Eau De Toilette Roll-on

Friday, September 20, 2013

Shops, take note: if you want me to make an impulsive guilty purchase, handing me a glass of wine on arrival is definitely the way to go. While sipping a much appreciated glass of complimentary rosé and perusing the shelves at L'Occitane, I was drawn to the roll-on perfume section. I love the idea of roll-ons and am forever wishing more perfume brands in the UK would introduce them - they're a cheaper, cuter, more convenient option than full sized bottles - what's not to love? From the selection, I picked out the scent 'Rose 4 Reines', which is described as "the delicate freshness of a bouquet of roses, the velvety softness of petals kissed with dew" - talk about enticing?! 

Encompassing the scents of four different types of flower - Grasse rose, Bulgarian rose, Moroccan rose and Turkish rose - Rose 4 Reines is a simple but luxurious fragrance. For me, it's everything a rose perfume should be. It's feminine, classic, romantic and not overly cloying - there's a clean freshness to it that I really love as it helps keep it away from powdery Grandma territory. Since I bought this, I've been wearing it dabbed on the pulse points as directed, and the delicate hints of fresh roses that I catch throughout the day are subtle but lovely. Wear time is slightly better than other L'Occitane roll-ons I've tried, though the odd touch up throughout the day is still needed - not too much of an inconvenience though, as the sleek glass vial will fit into even the teeniest of handbags. 

I really do think that Rose 4 Reines is one of the most beautiful scents I own. It's uncomplicated, yet sophisticated and classic - definitely a must have for any rose lovers out there.


  1. I purchased a roll-on perfume from L'occitane and I loved it. I agree that there should be more available. Lovely review! Xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I want to try this so badly after reading your review! I adore floral scents so I can only imagine how beautiful this smells!

    sundays grace

  3. I simply adore L'Occitane! I have a soap collection, haha! Looking forward to trying this, cause it looks amazing, and also as I am Bulgarian and we pride ourselves on our roses (and of course, it's a base note in this perfume, haha) :)

    xx from Misty's stuff

  4. This sounds really lovely! x

  5. Loving your blog. The photography is so nice and your posts are so lovely :) Followed you.

    xo Mel

  6. I like roll-on perfumes but L'Occitane here is ridiculously overpriced :/ But this has so beautiful packaging!

  7. This sounds lovely! Roll ons are so convenient and the price is looking very attractive as well. haha Thanks for sharing! xx



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