Makeup Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mist

Thursday, September 26, 2013

After trying the much raved-about Undress Your Skin Highlighter from MUA and absolutely loving it, I've been paying a little more attention to the budget Superdrug brand. When I spotted their Pro-Base Fixing Mist I was instantly interested, due to my bordering-on-obsessive love for facial mists. I snapped it up at the bargain price of £4 (full price £5), hoping it would be a cheaper alternative to my much loved MAC Fix+, which at almost £15 is a rather pricy indulgence. So, how does it compare?

Now, given the price, I was never expecting this to be an absolute miracle product, but for a fiver I think it's decent enough. Used identically to MAC's offering - lightly spritzed over the face after applying makeup - it helps to set your makeup and keeps things looking on the dewy side of proceedings. This stuff is good for those days when you go a little overboard on powder - a couple of sprays gets rid of any cakeyness and gives a much more natural effect to the skin. Scent wise it doesn't beat the MAC, but it's not an unpleasant smell and it doesn't hang around long after application - and to be honest, for less than half the price of MAC's version it's a small complaint anyway. I do still love MAC's spritz - it feels a little more luxurious to use and beats MUA in terms of effectiveness, but I still think this is a worthwhile addition to my stash and it will definitely help soften the blow when my Fix+ eventually runs out. Worth checking out if you're on a budget!

Are you a fan of fixing sprays? Have you tried MUA's offering? 


  1. this products has kind of disappointed me, I thought there will be more boom but at it's price I can live with it! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. I bought this after my urban decay one ran out. It's okay to use, i wouldnt sing its praises. I feel its okay for a quick fix if you cant afford the more higher priced versions. Personally when payday rolls around I'll be buying urban decay again!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. This is a great post :)
    Come visit me <3

  4. Love your blog, I'm happy that I discovered you. I love any kind of fix mists but my favorite is Etude House Nymph Aura- gives a lovely dewy finish to my dry skin :) Will pick up this one too if I ever order from them!

  5. I've never used a fixing mist, but I really want to try one of the Mac ones :) xxx

  6. I really want to try this, I've never used a fixing spray so I'd have nothing to compare it to - so I couldn't be too disappointed, right!? Haha :) Thanks for the great review!

    Jess xo


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