My Top Four MAC Lipsticks

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

(L-R: Russian Red, Retro, Plumful, Velvet Teddy)

The discovery of MAC lipsticks is one of those defining moments in the lives of any beauty enthusiast. Most people remember their first endeavour into the world of MAC lipsticks. Mine was Shy Girl, a shade recommended to me by the girl at the counter after I showed her my favourite lipstick at the time, Sleek Barely There. In hindsight it wasn't even a close match, and the colour wasn't great on me anyway (way too orange and nude), but at the time I adored it and wore it to death! Since then, I've tried my fair share of MAC lipsticks and whittled my favourites shades down to just a small handful. Let me talk you through them...

Russian Red
This lipstick is extremely well loved, as you can probably tell from the photos. Russian Red was one of my first MAC lipsticks and my first proper, grown up red. It's a classic deep red with a blueish undertone that seems to look good on all skin tones. It's a matte finish so it stays put for a good few hours after application, but still isn't overly drying. In short, this is my perfect red. I've tried many others since, both cheaper and more pricey, and Russian Red is always one I go back to.

Retro is my latest purchase from MAC and has quickly become a favourite. It's described as a "muted peachy-pinky brown", but appears as more of a rusty, red toned brown on my fair skin. I love this for days when I fancy wearing a slightly darker lip without being too bold. It's definitely more of an Autumn shade, so I imagine I'll be getting a lot more use out of this a few months from now.

This is one of my favourite, throw-in-my-handbag everyday lipsticks. Plumful is a rosey plum shade with cool undertones, and is probably one of the most wearable pinks I own. It's a Lustre finish so is incredibly creamy and smooth when applying, and gives a lovely wash of slightly sheer colour.

Velvet Teddy    
Velvet Teddy blew up a couple of years ago when word spread that it was the shade that Kylie Jenner used to get her signature 90's inspired, pinky brown pout. It's a matte "deep-toned beige" that's a good way to dip your toes into the brown lip trend as it's pretty universally flattering. On me, Velvet Teddy is a warm peachy brown, but it's worth checking out in store as it can appear either orange or pink toned depending on your skin tone.

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